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How to choose your pet

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1How to choose your pet Empty How to choose your pet on Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:00 am

How to choose your pet

Lavabox is a forum with a large number of adoptable virtual pets. In this tutorial we will be showing how to select your pet.

1. On the nav bar click the link named 'profile'How to choose your pet Profilebutton

2. The screen you see now is the place to edit your profile. It looks like this-

How to choose your pet Ben10

3. Now you need to scroll down the screen until you come to a big list of creatures. (screen shot scaled down)

How to choose your pet Pets

4. Now you can select your pet. There are many to choose from.

5. If you go down a box you can select a name for your pet.

6. Click save

If you look on your posts now you should see that your pet appears every were you go. Remember to keep it happy by buying things for it.

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